Importing products

Import your products in build using the product data CSV file.

Getting Started

To start, download the product data template CSV and demonstration catalog CSV files to study the Fieldfolio CSV format. Then simply create a CSV file for your own product data using your preferred spreadsheet software (eg Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers). If your CSV file is large, the import process could take a long time.

Please note that once you have attached a CSV file and pressed the Import Product Data button, the import process cannot be canceled or undone.

Product Stacks and Variants

Product stacks and variants can be easily created by duplicating the stack name across multiple lines of your CSV file and by using the variant column for those lines. For an illustration of this method, see lines [# to #] of the demonstration catalog CSV file.

Imports are for New Products Only

Imports are only for adding new products, not for modifying existing products (you can edit a product by clicking on its name in the Catalog tab). If a row in your CSV has a pre-existing product SKU or barcode, that row will be ignored; other rows will import as normal. To avoid data quality issues, we strongly recommend that you create a fresh CSV for each import. Don't re-open an earlier CSV for editing in your spreadsheet program (especially Microsoft Excel, which will likely convert your barcodes and other large numbers into scientific notation).

Import Rules

The following rules apply to product data imports. If your CSV file breaks any of these rules, the import process will not occur.

  • A product name must not be more than 140 characters. This limitation does not apply to a product's extended description.
  • Every product row must have a unit (e.g. "each" or "box of 6") and a numeric minimum order quantity.
  • A product SKU must not have any characters which are not allowed in computer file names (e.g. "/", "*" or "#").

Please note that if you do strange things in your CSV like put letters in the stock quantity, or in the stock due date, the import as a whole will occur but those specific fields will be ignored and not imported.

Once you have imported your product data, you can then import your product images.

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