One catalog, unlimited sales potential.

A gorgeous and ultra-fast iPad app for your reps and an easy-to-use web store for your customers.

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Finally, iPad ordering done right.

Hero shots

Choose hero-size images to emphasise your new, best selling and special products.

An intuitive process

Designed with the iPad novice in mind. Our approach is so intuitive, your reps can hand over the iPad and give customers ownership of the selling process.

Ultra simple and ultra fast

Empower your reps to increase your average order value. Fieldfolio has an incredibly intuitive interface that is blindingly fast.

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Full offline support on iPad.

Never miss an order just because you don't have an internet connection

Your reps won't be on Wi-Fi all the time, and cellular data connections can be sketchy. Fieldfolio works seamlessly across connected and offline environments.

Collect orders offline and sync them at the end of the day

With locally stored products, customers and images, your catalog is available at all times. If your reps have unsynced orders, they'll be automatically sent when the Fieldfolio iPad app senses an Internet connection.


Empower customers to order with Fieldfolio Direct

Seamless Ordering Across iPad And Web

Allow your customers to order directly from your Fieldfolio Direct web store using the same catalog you’ve set up for iPad.

Ditch Your Expensive and Time-consuming Web Store

At just an additional US$49 per month, Fieldfolio Direct is much more cost-effective than other solutions. No hosting charges, commissions or IT support required.

Free Sub-Domain Branding

Fieldfolio Direct includes a free sub-domain, like


Turbo-charge your catalog

Effortless sorting

Your reps and customers need a way to quickly traverse your range. Labels and categories allow them to instantly focus on the stuff that matters.

New, best sellers and specials

Your customers will want to know what's new, what sells, and what's on special. Fieldfolio puts the must-see products at your fingertips.


Bookmark products during the order process for later review and ordering. Perfect for the quick flick-through that your busy customers will often demand.

Reduce your selling costs.

Fieldfolio is the most cost-effective catalog and ordering system available today.

At just US$49 per month for up to five rep accounts, and only US$10 for each additional rep, the Fieldfolio iPad app lets you increase the ease of your sales and decrease costs at the same time.

Provide your customers with access to your Fieldfolio Direct web store for just an additional US$49 per month.

Read more about Fieldfolio Pricing

Showroom and trade show friendly.

Add customers on the fly from inside the fieldfolio app

You'll want your showroom and staff to be able to add customers on the fly. Fieldfolio obliges.

Scan barcodes directly into an order

Move from scanning barcodes to a completed order in seconds and achieve higher throughput than ever before.

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Manage iPad catalog and web-store in one place

Access Anywhere

Manage your products, customers and orders with ease, from anywhere in the world.

Get up and running in no time

Bulk import your SKUs, descriptions and prices, and bulk upload catalog images.

Fieldfolio fits into your world

Export all orders instantly in CSV format for quick importing into your existing systems. Simple CSVs integrate with any accounting system such as NetSuite, Intuit/Reckon, MYOB and more.

Global coverage.

Fieldfolio is designed with international customers in mind from day one. Choose a currency. Set your timezone. Name and set your country's tax rate and apply it product by product.

Ordering made simple. And powerful.

Rich order options

Enter a customer reference. Hold an order for confirmation later. Choose from multiple shipping addresses. Specify ship dates and cancel dates. Enter notes and take a customer's signature. Or simply ignore all of the above and get on with posting the sale.

Crystal clear orders

Fieldfolio generates simple and straightforward orders for emailing, printing and CSV export. View thumbnail images for every line item and avoid arguments. Customize by inserting your company logo and including your "fine print" on each and every order.


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