Berringa Everday Manuka Boost MGO 200 400g

Berringa Honey Berringa Everday Manuka Boost MGO 200 400g

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Australian Made

A delicious 100% Australian Manuka Boost suitable for everyday wellness. Made by blending 100% Raw and Unfiltered Australian Eucalyptus Honey and either 50+ MGO or 200+ MGO Manuka Bioactive Honey. It is packed in an easy squeezy 400g bottle, for family convenience.

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SKUBB200 / 400G

About this Seller

Wholesale Berringa Honey

Berringa Honey

21 Buyers
Based in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Berringa is proudly Australian owned and operated. We source all of our honey from Australian beekeepers along the East Coast and our processing facility is in Melbourne.

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