Listing your products on Fieldfolio is free

Fixed per-order fees, capped monthly.
No % commissions.

Be confident in your sales costs, no matter how much you sell.
We don’t take a commission, and you’ll never pay more than A$298.50 a month.*

30 Orders
B2B Marketplace
iPad app for Sales Reps
Fees capped per month
A$9.95 per order
15% of $21,000
Mobile sales apps
10 Sales Reps
* Pricing shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) excluding GST.
Based on an average order value of $700.
Based on a per Sales Rep price of $75 per month.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a monthly spending cap on Fieldfolio for Sellers?

    Yes. We will only charge order fees on the first 30 orders per month. Sellers will never pay more than A$298.50 a month (plus GST where applicable).

  • Does Fieldfolio take commission on sales?

    No. Fieldfolio Sellers pay only A$9.95 (plus GST where applicable) for each order that they receive on our platform. If you're not getting sales, you don't pay anything.

  • Is there a setup fee for listing products on Fieldfolio?

    No. We do not charge anything for listing your products on our wholesale marketplace.

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