Chalk-A-Tote Bag
Chalk-A-Tote Bag
Chalk-A-Tote Bag
Chalk-A-Tote Bag
Chalk-A-Tote Bag
Chalk-A-Tote Bag

Chalkapella Australia Chalk-A-Tote Bag

In Stock

I’m a Tote bag beige and black. Here’s my best mate: toxic-free Chalk-chalk. When you see us, use Chalk-chalk to make your “shopping list” or “kids stuff list” or “to do list “on me!

Carry me out proudly, without any worries of smudging or staining, thanks to my best mate smudge-proof chalk!

Feel like changing me up or creating another shopping list? Simply use a wet cloth to wipe me clean, then I will turn back into a plain black canvas again. I will be your best shopping helper! Doodle, carry & wash me as many times as you wish!

One Size: 35*38.5cm

Each bag contains a box of chalk crayon.

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