Dusty free Chalk
Dusty free Chalk
Dusty free Chalk
Dusty free Chalk

Chalkapella Australia Dusty free Chalk

In Stock
Chalkapella Australia

I am Chalk-chalk. I can be white, yellow, blue or pink!

I am dustless, smudge proof, toxic-free, Eco-friendly.

I am perfectly and friendly to kids. Grab me and start chalking on everything because I work well on most surfaces. Want to start another

masterpiece, no worries! Just simply wipe with damp cloth and then you can move on to the next! Yayyy…. I am here to colour up and spice your life!

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    About this Seller

    Wholesale Chalkapella Australia

    Chalkapella Australia

    Chalkapella Australia is a gifting portal with a creative feature of gifting products for all occasion.

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